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Updated: Nov 19, 2021


EASILY has to be one of the main reason why people can't keep the weight off

You are choosing the wrong cardio for fat loss

Why does everyone always choose the super intense

Extremely hard forms???

I mean you are unfit??

Why not do them when you are already fit and have good cardio??

I am going to let you into a little secret.....


When you are wanting to burn fat

You know what cardio you need to choose




..............THE EASIEST!!!

Thats right I did just say that

You didn't read it wrong

When you want to burn fat, you need to be eating in a calorie deficit

So you are going to have less energy to start with

You don't always have to be pushing your limits just to burn fat.

You can burn fat by just moving more

When you think about cardio for fat loss

You need to think of :

  1. Can I easily do this EVERY DAY?

  2. Do I enjoy this?

  3. Will this spike my hunger?

High intense cardio makes you more hungry

So it is the worst form of cardio to be doing for fat loss!!

we know the culprits!!

I'm talking

  • Sprints

  • HIIT classes

  • Spin class

  • Assault Drills

These will make you hungry as F@ck!!

Yeah they still burn fat

However give it a while and then the wave of intense hunger will slap you right across the chops and you will be sprinting for the fridge.

After all

The goal is to burn fat

Which usually includes eating less

So why do something that actually makes you want to eat more?

And be honest with yourself

How many of you that do these classes actually consistently keep going?

Come on now, admit it

You probably only last two weeks.

Its not your fault!

They are just too intense!

Great if you want to build cardio........

But we don't want to build cardio this now

We want to super blast fat from our body!

Lets build cardio up when you aren't eating in a calorie deficit!


Lets talk about

Low intense cardio

Low intense cardio still burns fat

It doesn't recommend cardio levels like you are being chased through a forest by predator

Or the mind power and mental strength of a shaolin monk

Most importantly though, it does not increase hunger!

Plus EASY to do

So I hear what you are saying!

What is this magical low intense cardio you do then that is:

  1. Easy

  2. Can do every day

  3. Enjoyable

  4. Burns fat

  5. Does not increase hunger

The answer is WALKING!!

Every single time I need to burn fat

The cardio I always turn to is walking

I always blast away fat

While everyone else round about me

Don't get results because they lose motivation to go to their "fat attack" class

And their hunger is sky high

Instead here I am

Out a walk

Loving life

Listening to a nice podcast or playlist

Fat is melting off me

Hunger is nowhere to be found

If you don't believe me try it for yourself

I know it sounds too good to be true

However I am here to tell you and teach you

That you don't always have to be pushing extremely hard to see results

This is exactly why we are all getting more obese

People think you have to train like an athlete just to get a great body

Well guess what?!?!

You don't!

Set your steps for between 15k -20k per day and watch the fat fly off.

Remember you can still see amazing results by doing the easiest cardio.


Would call it genius



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