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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Oh yeah, thats right

You have read that right

If you want to lose weight, you have to do less

I know I know.

Just take a minute to let the confusion pass.

It shouldn't take too long!

Now before you call bullsh@t

Let me ask you one question.

You are one of these people who's hobby or passion isn't fitness

Infact you barely ever go to the gym

You don't go jogging or running

Instead you enjoy to go for a coffee

Or watch movies

Even play the computer

But now that you have grown a nice little......lets be nice and say padding around your frame, its time to get serious and lose the weight!!

So you do one of these things

Join a boot camp

Spin class

Cut carbs from diet

Only eat rice cakes

Fat attack classes

HIIT classes

I personally hate every one of these things that I have just mentioned

To me they are more of the extreme exercises

They should only be done for people who are already fit and healthy and actually enjoy exercise

Not someone who is unfit and new to the whole fitness game.

Why would you want to do some of the hardest forms of cardio when you are a beginner?

Plus when you are in a phase when you are going to be eating LESS!!!

ARE YOU MAD?!?!?!?!

No wonder you can't keep the weight off or lose motivation easy!

Its like someone who can't drive a car deciding to go a road trip around the world but only fill the car up half full of petrol!

Think that person is going to get far?...........Nah me either

Now look

I don't mean to bash those forms of exercise

They do have health benefits and of course are good for you

But only once you are seasoned fitness goer

If you start out on something

You want to start slow

Make it feel enjoyable

The rule in life always is:

If its easy you will keep doing it, If its hard you will avoid doing it

This is why my lifestyle approach to losing weight and gaining the strong, lean muscular physique you have always wanted is EASY

Instead of focusing on the top scale and extreme end of exercise

Lets start at the bare minimum which still delivers results

But most importantly.........Easy and enjoyable

It will make you look like this

Big Turkey

To This

Lean turkey

In the next coming blogs I will go over my full Lifestyle change that you can follow to start getting the results and body you deserve!

And the most important thing



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